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Wood Finishes

CA Glue Finish (glossy) for Wood and Antler

CA glue, also known as Cyanoacrylate or super glue, is an industrial grade glue that dries very quickly. Properly applying it as a finish takes quite a bit of practice. First, we sand to 400 grit. With the lathe spinning at around 600 rpm, we begin hand applying multiple coats of CA glue.

  • A drop or two of glue is applied to an applicator pad and quickly wiped on the pen (or pencil, etc.). An accelerator is lightly sprayed on to dry the glue instantly. The process is then repeated. We use a thin CA glue for the first 3 coats because we like the way it penetrates and seals wood or antler. The next 7-10 coats are done with a medium thickness glue.  
  • After 10 plus layers of glue have been applied, we lightly re-sand the piece using 220, 320 and 400 grit sand paper.
  • With the lathe spinning at around 1,700 rpm, we wet polish the piece, starting with 600 grit, and moving through 9 addition grits until we finish with a 12,000 grit pad.  
  • The end result is a glossy, protective finish that’s perfectly smooth. The multiple coats of CA impart a unique depth that you need to see to appreciate.
  • Because of the protective qualities of the CA finish, we always apply it to our fountain (ink) pens.  
  • We believe the painstaking process we follow makes our CA glue finished items stand out from many of our competitors.

Wax Finish (matte)

  • Many people like the look of natural wood and prefer a matte finish to a glossy one. This is where our wax finish comes in. It’s a high-quality furniture-type wax that results in a soft, smooth feel without the gloss.
  • Because we are not polishing to a high gloss finish, we don’t need use the polishing pads like we do when we finish with CA glue.
  • We sand our wax-finished item to the equivalent of 2,000 grit. We then apply a friction polish wax while the pen is spinning on the lathe at about 1,000 rpm. The heat buildup helps the wax bond to the pen. A clean cloth is then used to buff the finish.
  • Any wood item not specifically identified as having a CA finish has been finished with wax.

 Acrylic Finish

  • Acrylics are sanded and finished in the same manner as our CA glue finished items (except without the CA glue!).  After sanding and wet polishing to 12,000 grit, we apply a light coat of polish for the ultimate shine.