0.7mm Pencil Lead Refills (22 pieces)


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0.7mm pencil lead is thin, and if you have a heavy hand, it has a tendency to break.  If you bought one of our 0.7mm pencils, they come standard with 3 refills.  However, given that the lead is thin, you’ll probably go through it quickly.  No need to worry.

Our 0.7mm graphite lead refills fit any 0.7mm mechanical pencil.   And we give you a lot of them, 22, at a fair price.  Available in black HB #2 graphite, which, by the way, is the same as what’s in a number 2 pencil.

About our 0.7mm Pencil Lead refill package:

  • Package contains 22 pieces
  • 0.7mm x 60mm (standard size)
  • hardness is HB, which is a medium hardness

Additional information

Weight .23 oz
Dimensions 1.375 × .5 in


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