50 Caliber Bullet Cartridge Twist Pen




This 50 caliber machine gun bullet cartridge pen makes a great gift for any outdoorsman or a military enthusiast.  First developed for the Browning machine gun in the late 1910’s, the cartridge used in this kit is commonly used in the military. This pen features an authentic 50 caliber once-fired brass cartridge and a black Cross style ballpoint refill.  The shell casing is big enough that you can stand it up on the firing side of the shell.  If you want the brass to really shine, use some brass polish like Brasso.  At Pens and More by Mark, we like the “weathered” look!

Using your 50 Caliber Machine Gun Bullet Cartridge Twist Pen:

  • twist the ends to extend and retract the tip
  • to replace the refill, retract the tip and keep turning in the same direction until the pen unscrews.  Twist the black top of the refill and unscrew it.  Screw in the new refill.


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