Bottle Openers




These hand crafted Bottle Openers feel awesome in your hand.  They’re also beautiful and work great.  We love how they remove the bottle cap the first time, every time.  No more struggling with openers that take several frustrating tries to pry off the cap.  We keep one in the kitchen and another on the refrigerator in the garage.  (We drilled a hole in the top, ran a leather cord through it and tied it right to the ‘fridge door handle so it’s always handy!)  The one you select is the exact one you will receive.

About our Bottle Openers:

  • turned on the lathe and sanded smooth
  • finished with a high quality wax
  • handle is shaped to be comfortable in your hand
  • strong and durable
  • chrome finish
  • see the additional information section to the left for the length and weight specific to your selection

Additional information

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