Designer Twist Pen




Our designer twist pen is a simple yet elegant pen.  Available in 3 finishes, it’s a comfortable pen for everyday use.  At $29.99, not only is it one of our least expensive pens, but we’ve tried to make it available in wide variety of woods and colored acrylics.  And it writes really nicely too.

Many people are afraid to spend a lot of money for a pen because of the fear of losing it.  Here we present an opportunity to buy a nice pen that won’t break the bank, nor your heart if somehow you and your pen part ways.

  • available in 24k gold plating, chrome or satin finishes
  • black stripe in center band adds a bit of contrast
  • features a black Cross style refill

Using your Designer twist pen:

  • to extend or retract the refill, twist the ends
  • to replace the refill, pull on the top half of the pen (above the center band) until it separates from the bottom half.  Unscrew the refill and replace.

Additional information

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