Fountain (Ink) Pen Nibs




Fountain (ink) pen nibs come in a variety of sizes (for larger and smaller pens) and point widths.  These nibs can either supplement or be a replacement to the one that comes with your pen.   When you want to change the look of your writing, you can choose a different nib.

Smaller point sizes, while they allow you to write small and clear, usually don’t write as smoothly as wider point nibs.  The reason is simply that less ink is flowing, hence less lubrication.  The opposite is true with a broad point: it’s generally smoother to write with but harder to write very small and maintain clarity.  Calligraphy pens have a much wider tip, allowing for dramatic styling as the position of the tip changes as you write.

About our Fountain (ink) Pen Nibs:

  • available in broad or calligraphy widths
  • Our #5 nibs fit all of our fountain (ink) pens EXCEPT our Statesman and Gentlemen’s Pens (which use #6 nibs and can be custom ordered from us).  Gentlemen’s Jr. pens use our #5 nib
  • they are machined from brass and features a durable gold finish
  • each is a high-quality German made, Iridium tipped nib

Additional information

Weight 0.01 oz
Dimensions 1.0 × 0.25 in


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