Gentlemen’s Fountain Pen




The Gentlemen’s fountain pen is a larger pen with a classic design.  Made with exotic woods, the Gentlemen’s fountain pen is designed to be used without the cap attached.  This enables you to enjoy its superb balance.  The high-end gold titanium finish will last a lifetime.  Finished with 10+ coats of a hand-applied CA (super) glue and wet polished to 12,000 grit.  The result is a glossy, protective sheen that adds depth to the wood’s grain.  Other features include:

  • a top quality German-made two tone nib with an iridium point (medium)
  • a refillable ink pump and an ink cartridge

Gentlemen’s Fountain Pen Specifics:

  • length of pen: closed is 5.75″; open with cap off is 5.25″
  • weight: with the cap on is 2.3-2.4 ounces; without the cap is 1.3 ounces
  • width: the cap is 0.7″; the pen body is 0.6″
  • access the ink pump or ink cartridge by unscrewing the writing end of the pen from the pen body


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