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Buy 2 or more and pay only $5 per hair stick (save 33%!)


Our 7″ Hair Sticks are hand-made one at a time.  We intentionally put varied swirled indentations into the finished product because textured sticks hold hair better than smooth, straight ones. (You know this if you’ve tried using pencils or chopsticks.)  While you can buy them individually, we suggest you buy two or more to increase your options (and save a few bucks!).  We love using black walnut because of the beautiful grain patterns of light and dark.  We also use Red Eucalyptus, Manzanita and other woods that live up to our standards for beauty and strength.  Sold individually, but buy 2 or more and pay only $5 per hair stick (that’s a 33% savings!).

About your Hair Sticks:

  • our matched pairs come from adjacent pieces cut from the same log
  • the woods used are beautiful and locally and responsibly harvested
  • we never use any type of finish: we let the natural coloring and grain of the wood speak for itself
  • because each hair stick is hand-made, no two are identical
  • typical length is 7 inches, +/- a quarter inch
  • width averages 0.3 inches (7mm) at the top, 0.15 inches (4mm) at the bottom
  • matched pairs will be the same length
  • the stick(s) you order will be the same grain pattern described and will be very similar to the one’s shown, though not identical.  They’ll be so similar you probably won’t be able to tell the difference, but if you’d like a picture of the one’s we plan on sending, add a purchase note and your email address at checkout and we’ll send a picture for your approval prior to shipping.

Using your Hair Sticks:

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1 review for Hair Sticks

  1. Cecelia Rojas

    Love my Manzanita hairsticks! Unlike traditional straight stick hairsticks, these have groves in them that not only add a rustic design but hold my long hair even better without falling out.

    • Markus666

      Thanks for the feedback. We’re glad you like them. When I tested them with my family, they thought the grooves really helped hold their hair. It’s good to get confirmation.

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