Hexagonal Pen Pencil Set with 2mm Artist Pencil




Our Hexagonal Pen Pencil set includes our highly sought after 2mm Artist pencil.  While we sell our hex pens and pencils separately, we thought we’d accommodate our customer’s requests and offer them as a matched set.  Each has a rugged yet refined look thanks the chrome finish and hexagonal shape of the top and tip.  The long one-piece body gives it a comfortable hand feel.  If you’re considering one of our black circuit board sets, note that ours are made with genuine circuit board components (not computer printed circuit boards like some of our competitors use).  A matching 2mm pencil with a large eraser is also available.  See below for details.

About the Pen:

  • includes a super quiet, smooth acting click mechanism
  • smooth writing performance with a black Parker style refill

About the Pencil:

  • great for the shop, sketching, drafting or writing
  • includes a smooth acting click mechanism
  • you’ll love the virtually unbreakable 2mm lead
  • small eraser under the cap
  • we stock pre-sharpened leads in 6 colors plus black
  • one piece of pre-sharpened black lead is included

About your Hexagonal Pen Pencil set with 2mm Artist Pencil:

  • to extend and retract the pen tip, simply press down on the click mechanism
  • to change the pen refill, unscrew the tip of the pen (and be careful not to lose the spring!)
  • press down on the cap to advance the included 2mm x 90mm black lead.  Each click will advance a little more lead.
  • hold the cap down and push on the lead to reduce the amount protruding from the tip (or to push the lead back inside the tip to prevent breakage)
  • pens and pencils are 5.625″ long and weigh between 1.2-1.4 ounces each (see additional information for your specific selection–combined weight is shown)

Would you like a matching pencil with a larger eraser?

  • most of these pens have a matching pencil with a large eraser at the top.  Check the link below (under “You may also like…”) to see if one is in stock.  If you want to special order one, click here: Design Your Own Custom-Made Products
  • the pencil has a hexagonal tip just like the pen but the top has a chrome eraser holder with a large eraser
  • if you’d like to swap out the pencil included with this set for the one with the larger eraser, add an order note on the checkout page to let us know
  • no upcharge for the pencil with the larger eraser

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 5.625 × .4375 in


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