Majestic Twist Pen




Appropriately named, our Majestic pen is stunning!  Beautiful, top quality gold titanium nitride bands straddle the pen body and cover the top of the pen. The tip is also gold TN and chrome and the contrast is striking.  At only 5″ long and weighing in at almost 2 ounces, this pen will have a wonderful, solid feel in your hand.

  • streamlined, smooth ballpoint twist mechanism
  • features a clear Swarovski crystal on the pen clip
  • includes a smooth writing black Parker style refill

Using the Majestic Twist Pen:

  • to extend or retract the refill, twist the cap
  • to replace the refill cartridge, unscrew the gold tip (and be careful not to lose the spring!)

Additional information

Weight 1.9 oz
Dimensions 5.0 × 0.6 in


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