Miniature Bolt Action Pen




At 4″ long, our miniature bolt action pen is a customer favorite.  Available in a chrome or gun metal finish, features include:

  • authentic 30 caliber bullet styling
  • a realistic bolt-action handle that advances and retracts the mini refill
  • a bolt action rifle clip
  • a rose gold bullet tip

It fits easily in a pocket or purse.  Includes a black refill, but remember, it’s miniature!  You may want to buy a some extras.  Miniature Pen Refill

Using your Miniature Bolt Action Pen:

  • to advance the refill, pull down on the bolt and move it into the locked position.  Move the bolt out of the locked position and the refill retracts
  • changing the refill is simple: just unscrew the rose gold tip from the body of the pen (and be careful not to lose the spring)


Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 4.0 × .5 in


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