Miniature Pen Refill


Refill for all mini pens

Buy 5 or more and save 10%.


This miniature pen refill is the one that fits our Miniature Bolt Action Pen.  Everyone loves that pen: it’s fun to use and easy to carry in your pocket or purse.  Unfortunately, all miniature pens suffer from the same shortcoming: miniature ink cartridges!  Not that there’s anything wrong with them.  They just not capable of holding a lot of ink.  And sometimes they can be hard to find.  Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our stock of replacement refills.

About our Miniature pen refill:

  • fit most mini pens requiring a 2.75″ refill
  • available in blue and black
  • buy 5 or more and save 10%


Additional information

Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 2.6875 × .15 in


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