Parker Style Refill


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This Parker style refill is the most popular refill because it’s reliable and writes very smoothly.  In addition, the refill is a bit wider than other refills (like the cross style refill), so it seem to us that the ink cartridge lasts longer and doesn’t need to be replaced as often.  Of all the ballpoint pens we make, close to 90% use the Parker style refill.  Of course, that also a function of the size of the pen: thicker/ wider pens can hold this type of refill whereas a thin pen cannot.  Even though they last a long time, we suggest you keep a few refills on hand.

About our Parker style refill:

  • available in black or blue ink
  • available in black or blue gel
  • buy 5 or more and save 10%

Additional information

Weight .12 oz
Dimensions 4 × .25 in


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