Patriotic Bolt Action Pens




Our Patriotic bolt action pens are available in different styles.  We have an American Eagle pen and a Statue of Liberty pen, both with an antique pewter finish

  • the tip ends feature detailed etched engravings, while the cap ends have words of patriotism stamped on them
    • the American Eagle pen features two American Eagles, just like the Presidential Seal, on the tip end and “God Bless America” on the cap end
    • the Statue of Liberty pen features the Statue of Liberty on the American Flag on the tip end and “God Bless America” on the cap end
  • the patriotic theme continues on the pen clip, which features a red, white and blue American Flag and handsomely cast Bald Eagle emblem
  • the antique pewter finish brings out all of the details in these beautiful pens
  • smooth writing performance with a black Parker style refill

Using your Patriotic Bolt Action pen:

  • Slide the bolt action handle down and push to the side to lock the refill in the advanced position.  To retract, slide the bolt out of the locked position and it will automatically spring up.
  • To replace the refill, simply unscrew the rose gold tip (and be careful not to lose the spring)

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