Phoenix Rising Twist Pen




According to legend, the phoenix is a magnificent bird with red and gold plumage.  After living for 500+years, at the end of its life, it builds a nest which it then ignites, reducing the bird and its nest to ashes. From the ashes a young phoenix rises, renewing the life cycle. This pen captures the story:

  • the pen tip shows flames rising
  • the cap depicts a beautiful, etched phoenix, rising from the ashes
  • the clip is the firebird’s tail
  • amber crystals on the clip and cap add to the majesty of this mythical creature
  • solid brass components have been chemically darkened it to simulate aged brass.  The result is a gorgeous, long lasting brown plating with golden undertones.
  • features a smooth writing Parker style refill

Using your Phoenix Rising Twist Pens:

  • the pen operates by twisting the ends to advance or retract the refill
  • replace the refill by unscrewing the barrel from the bottom band, exposing the top of the refill to replace

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