Eraser for 2mm Mechanical Pencil / Artist Pencil


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We’re not sure why, but the replacement eraser for our 2mm Artist Pencil can be hard to find, and we mean really hard to find!  Now perhaps you’re one of those rare individuals that doesn’t make mistakes.  (It’s still possible, however, that someone could steal yours right out of your pen!)  But, if you’re like us, on rare occasions, a mistake or two is made.  We think it’s a good idea to have a bunch of these replacements on hand: that’s why we stock them!

Using the replacement eraser:

  • when yours is too worn to be useful, simply pull it out and insert one of these replacements
  • save 10%when you buy 5 or more
  • pencil not included!

Additional information

Weight .05 oz
Dimensions .56 × .375 in


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