Seam Ripper and Stiletto 2 in 1




You’ll love our seam ripper and stiletto combination tool.  Each side is independently removable and reversible.  You can choose to expose either or both business ends or to turn them around to protect the sharp points (and) you from damage.   If you’ve never used a stiletto for sewing or quilting, you will quickly learn to appreciate they’re value.  Use them to guide fabric under the foot of your sewing machine, turn applique edges, grab fabric and more.

Using your 2 in 1 Seam Ripper and Stiletto:

  • Your 2 in 1 tool will arrive with both ends inside the tool
  • To use, simply pull the metal end out, turn it around and push back in.  Reverse the process to protect the sharp ends (and you) from damage.

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